Aaron Carter

At the end of the 90s, the warbling of the sweet ten-year-old Aaron Carter, in Dungarees and with a blond tuft of "Crush on You". And what’s happened since then ?

Aaron Carter

  • Born 7. In December 1987 , Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Given Name Aaron Charles
  • Name Carter
  • Years 32
  • Size 1.83 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Madison Parker (2017) ; Lee Marie Karis (2013-2016) ; Kari Ann Peniche (2006) ; Lindsay Lohan (2002-2003) ; Hilary Duff (2000-2002)

Not everyone knows that

Aaron Carter is the youngest singer to receive a platinum record in the Guinness book of records.

In 2009, Aaron has "Dancing with the Stars", the American counterpart to "Let’s Dance", participated and finished in fifth place.

Severe Blow Of Fate! In 2012, Aaron’s sister Leslie was found dead in the home of her father, dead. At the age of only 25 years, the singer and young mother supposedly died of an Overdose of drugs after it had already been used for years .

In 2006, Aaron was next to his famous brother Nick in the Reality Show "House of Carters" to see, which accompanied him and his family with the camera. After the unpleasant family disputes, you should Show the siblings and their mother back together again .

In 2013, Aaron had a role in the Off-Broadway Musical "Fantasticks".

Biography of Aaron Carter

On the wave of success of its big brother and "Backstreet Boys" Nick little Aaron sailed Carter at the end of the 90s to the new Millennium in a music career that was not topped for a long time success. With denim Overalls and a blond bowl cuts, the sweet Brat, published as a ten year old in 1997, his first Single "Crush on You" and brought as a budding teen idol, many of the female hearts melt.

The success was not of long duration

Although Aaron brought to his self-titled debut album "Aaron Carter" in the coming years, three more LPs out ("Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)", "Oh Aaron" and "Another Earthquake"), but the commercial success was from publication to publication low. Instead, the now-grown-up Aaron made headlines with exorbitant tax liabilities, insolvency proceedings, arrest for drug possession, and a media-oriented, serious love triangle to two beautiful pop stars.

Restraining order from Nick Carter

So pissed off Aaron responds in this Video

Aaron Carter throws bitch fight

Introduced at the beginning of the new Millennium it namely a kind of triangle relationship to Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. Actually, he was with Duff, dated but Lohan, what Duff didn’t like, of course, whereupon you found your loved one an Ultimatum. Decided to go for his first choice and stayed together with Hilary Duff. But really, the relationship is not also ran, and he cheated on his girlfriend and gave it to him after two years, finally the running pass. Actually, long Grass should be grown over the thing, but it is rumored that Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff today can’t stand .

Boy groups in the course of time

Aaron in the love of chaos – and a Outing

Also, Aaron’s next love stood under no good star. He met actress and Playboy Bunny Kari Ann Peniche know, with the before since big brother Nick was together. At a concert, the two have known each other just five days, made Aaron his beloved with a marriage proposal and she said Yes! But the young happiness did not last long. After only six days of engagement, the two parted again, and Aaron admitted that maybe (just maybe!) to be a bit impulsive been .

Prefer to Lee Marie Karis kept after all, for many years – but not forever. Another short relationship (with Madison Parker) ended to the date in August 2017, when Aaron Carter came out via Twitter as bisexual. A step towards mental health and something that has him charged in advance, as he writes himself . now it is open to the public. And the number of possible love and life partner, to be equal to twice the size. If Aaron is found the great love yet ?

Carter and the music

Musically, Aaron wants to start again large. He is touring through the USA and Canada, plays some concerts in Europe and comes in 2017, with the Short Album "LØVË" out. Full of Pride, he reported that he has produced his latest work with a few colleagues on their own .

But who wants to be successful and it is with his Fans not to mess with me, you should see what he’s up to on the Internet. So Aaron has openly stated his sympathy to the controversial Donald Trump and tweeted: "America wants a President who follows or wants to there is a that leads? I choose Donald Trump." What followed was a Shitstorm.

With such statements, it is almost certain, is nowadays not a Superstar, the heart is the only way to fly.

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