Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish Ballerina, who took Hollywood by storm and quickly the international spectacle top climbed.

Alicia Vikander

  • Born 3. October 1988 , Gothenburg / Sweden
  • First Name Alicia Amanda
  • Name Vikander
  • Thirty one
  • Size 1.66 m
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Partner Michael Fassbender (married since 2017)

Not everyone knows that

During her ballet training Alicia Vikander flew for various summer camps around the world, once it’s brought you even to the renowned "School of American Ballet".

From today’s perspective to understand: Twice Alicia vikander of a spectacle was rejected in the school when she applied to the school there .

Her parents broke up when Alicia Vikander was just two months old, but the actress doesn’t bother you says, you have to get the Best of both worlds .

Biography of Alicia Vikander

To Alicia Vikander not come easy – but then the question is, why would you want to at all also the same? Because the Swedish actress is not only thrilled with the impressive roles, but was awarded in 2016, even with a Oscar !

Dance or theatre?

And if you look at when Alicia Vikander began your career, you can almost say: but That was also the time! Already at the age of seven she was in her home town of Gothenburg on the stage of the Opera and played three years in the piece "Kristina från Duvemåla" with. At the time, however, there were also a passion, which made the acting associated with competition: The ballet. At the age of nine, she began to train at a professional ballet school in Gothenburg and moved with 15, even in the Stockholm, The Capital Of, to have more professional training. However, recurring injury aggravated Alicia values, the way to a professional dancer more and more – which, in turn, her acting career, tops.

Mega-star line-up in "Tulip fever"

Not only Oscar is thrilled

Because even with 20 years vikander in 2008, was able to celebrate their breakthrough in Sweden: By the TV series "Andra Avenyn" the actress was a big audience – and it was to build! You played by the critics highly praised roles in various movies and also made international attention than you as "Kitty" in the remake of "Anna Karenina" to see was. Quickly Alicia Vika was traded as an insider tip among the young stars, and could save the film offered hardly. Alone 2015, she has appeared in six different films, one of which is your career, particularly should characterize: The Drama "The Danish Girl", to see in the Alicia Vikander alongside Eddie Redmayne is. For her portrayal of "Gerda Wegener" it was in the 88ten Academy Awards, even with a Oscar as best supporting actress excellent. But also with other roles, she was able to flay a good impression: As a Robot "Ava" she was in the movie "Ex Machina" to see and sexy "Lara Croft" it is in the next "Tomb Raider" Film your wife are.

The Social Web? Not with Alicia Vikander

While Alicia Vikander is on the big screen everything, it is life in private all the more silent. Insights into your life away from the cameras, the beautiful Swede, extremely rare and also on Facebook, Instagram and co. your Fans have to do without, unfortunately . Vikander doesn’t like Social Media, she disclosed in an Interview. "When Instagram came out a few years on the market, I have tried it. But the App has me stressed out only. That wasn’t part of my life. In the case of Facebook, I signed up to me, but I no longer use it . The Internet is to get out of the innocent age, in which each of the things posted, without worrying about the consequences ", so the concerns of the actress.

Large cinema also private

Even if Alicia Vikander is a lot of effort, your private keep your private life, seeps, of course, but one or the other piece of news to the Public. She has a pretty well-known and established actors at your side. Alicia Vika founder friend is none other than Michael Fassbender. Since 2014, the two are a Couple in the Public but, rather, was covered. Only at the Oscars in 2016, there was in addition to the long-awaited price for Vikander the long-awaited first public kiss of the couple for the Fans. But how will Alicia’s career has already shown that it was worth it in the end. And in 2017, everything was much better: The Hollywood dream couple Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, working with the rotary to "The Light Between Oceans" had met, in the autumn, in the closest circle of family and friends on the island of Ibiza, the Yes-word, given. "The bride and groom seemed so happy", from chatted an Insider. We hope that the happiness of the two holds until death do you part .

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