Andreas Birnbacher

The former biathlete Andreas Birnbacher has always been fast. However, as he was the most athletic of the poor, flourished his private life really .

Andreas Birnbacher

  • Born 11. September, 1981 , Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria
  • First Name Andreas
  • Name Birnbacher
  • Thirty eight
  • Size 1.79 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Anna Achenbach (married)
  • Children Of Louis (*2013) ; Moritz (*2016)

Not everyone knows that

Andreas Birnbacher is rumoured to have, at a young age "feared black Fischer" have been to. About this supposed sin of youth, he has to make, but today, Worry no more, because he now has a fishing licence.

"I red, wia i am." The Bavarian dialect of Andrew, he tries to only in dealing with the media, something to suppress. Finally, it should be understood by all. But he is also his native dialect and want to drop it otherwise, for anyone .

Andreas Birnbachers Hobbies, especially fishing and mountain Biking, in addition to the music, .

When not on the trails of this world, he travels most in the Maldives. His favorite food, beef fillet with fried potatoes and red cabbage, are there not, however, his favorite drink Erdinger alcohol-free.

In music he have been of little surprise to the German punk rocker "”The Dead Pants" fixed.

In his new house in Schleching was built according to the wishes of his father, a heat pump to generate Energy. Quite modern and future-oriented. Papa Hans-Peter Birnbacher operates his own company for heating and sanitary installations and was instrumental in the installation .

Biography of Andreas Birnbacher

The beginnings of Andi "Birnei" Birnbacher

Andreas Birnbacher grew up in the contemplative Schleching, a real upper Bavarian country idyll. In his years in the army as a master Sergeant he was a member of the sports promotion group , he was also with weapons handling. The best prerequisites for a career with a shotgun or Revolver. Hunter or policeman, perhaps? Andi thought according to their own information to become a sports shooter. Andis father Hans-Peter, however, had a completely different idea of how to be Young, the shooting talent was able to use. He asked his buddy Friedrich "Fritz" Fischer, his character is a former biathlete to train Andi in the combination sport of Biathlon. Certainly not the worst idea.

First success as a biathlete

Already in 2002, Andi received the Bavarian sports award in the category of "Outstanding(r) Junior athlete(in)". Previously, he won several medals at the Junior World Championship 2000 Hochfilzen, including three Gold, two silver and a bronze medal. At the Junior world Cup in 2001 in Khanty-Mansiysk there were medals, three gold. In 2002, he was with the squadron German Champion, and in the following year, he won for the first Time in the Sprint over all the other German participants of the German championship. If Andreas has bought for so many awards extra own trophy Cabinet, is not known.

"I don’t know the sex of the baby – my husband !"

The way to the top

The following years were extremely successful. He won several times the German championship in the Sprint, the pursuit, as well as with the season. Olympia 2006 it was then so far: He could, for the first Time with the German Olympic team to Turin, however, remained without use. So he had to attack a year later in the world Cup to the full. The first world Cup of the season in Östersund race over 20 kilometers, he graduated as a Second. At the following world Championships in the same year in Antholz, he managed to secure his first world championship medal. He was Second in the mass start 15 km, just behind winner Michael Greis . 2008 Birnbacher in Östersund became the world champion with the Mixed relay and third with the Men’s team. Three years later, on 17. In March 2011, he cheered at his first World Cup victory at Holmenkollen in Oslo. In 2012, in Vancouver at the Olympic Games was Andreas 15. In the discipline of the mass start. Quite a lot of success. Because you would feel jealous. But then .

Years of the losing streak

Vancouver was Andis last great sporting experience. It was followed by years without any significant success. In the season 2014/2015, Andreas Birnbacher again on the podium – in the Austrian high he was felting third in the Sprint. The Biathlon world Cup in the year 2015, he had to cancel due to a respiratory infection with a heavy heart. And fought it back to the top .

By personal happiness to new glory

Athletic the years, left in 2012 to 2015, to be desired, but personally it went uphill steep . 13. In April 2012 he married in Reit im Winkl, his wife and childhood sweetheart, Anna Birnbacher, born Achenbach. A year later, both family announced increase. With the two Sons Louis and Moritz and his wife, Andreas Birnbacher now lives in the Bavarian town of Schleching in a completely wood-built family house.

Andreas Birnbacher in sporting retirement

His residence, he could not have been chosen better – it was Andreas Birnbacher, but for years of Fritz Fischer in the a few kilometres away in the Biathlon performance centre in Ruhpolding trained. And yet he has hung his active sporting career is now on the nail . In the spring of 2016, the team announced to end his career at the end of the season 2015/16 . Most recently, he joined the company in March 2016 in the individual race at the world Championships in Oslo, Norway, and was ninth again in the Top 10.

"Birnei" the Biathlon faithful

But without his beloved Sport Andreas Birnbacher can’t then. After his career he started at the Trainer Academy in Cologne a training and hired at the base in Ruhpolding as a Trainer-Trainee to. "He will be in the service of the German ski Federation’s on-the-go ", prophesied men’s national coach Mark Kirchner at the world Cup in Ruhpolding. And also his family life, the new life is doing well section: "Have enjoyed all that I have more time, especially for my two small sons, Moritz and Louis ". So then, as if the former world-class biathlete done everything correctly .

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