Antonio Banderas

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At the beginning of his film career of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas played erotic roles in Pedro Almodóvars films – now he can also .

Antonio Banderas

  • Born 10. August 1960 , Malaga, Spain
  • First Name José Antonio
  • Name Is Domínguez Bandera
  • Years 59
  • Size 1.74 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Leo
  • Partner Nicole Kimpel (current) ; Sharon Stone (-) ; Melanie Griffith (divorced) ; Ana Leza (divorced)
  • Children Of Stella (*1996)

Not everyone knows that

Antonio fell in love with the mid-90s, head over heels with Melanie Griffith. Irritated, he responded, however, to the many beauty OPs of his former wedded: "The eternal pursuit of beauty is awful. I have banned your other plastic interventions – our marriage for the sake of." After 18 years of marriage, the two separated. But that had other reasons.

In December, 2009 Melanie Griffith was spotted, then still the wife of the actor, with a blue eye. The rumor mill was bubbling, if you had been a victim of domestic violence. Their spokesperson gave the all-clear: Melanie had a melanoma removed .

Antonio smells like "Antonio" – for his fourth fragrance in collaboration with the Spanish cosmetics manufacturer Puig, he has won the New York FiFi Award. Never heard of it? This is the perfume Oscar in 2006 for his women’s fragrance earned.

Could talk like a waterfall, but not in English. His first main role in Hollywood as a young Cuban singers and dancers in "Mambo Kings" he learned phonetically by heart, without knowing what the King was actually of himself. A real Venture for the Director, Arne Glimcher, to him as a completely unknown actor with no knowledge of the English language in the USA, the main role of entrust. Also in the case of the rotary-winning AIDS work on the Oscar-Drama "Philadelphia" had Antonio are still struggling with the English language. But his Film-lovers Tom Hanks reassured him: "The women totally on the accent, why do you want to do something about it ?"

Right after his divorce from Ana Leza married Antonio in 1996 Melanie Griffith, in the same year, their daughter Stella del Carmen, was born. Jealousy made Melanie in the case of the shooting for the erotic Thriller "Original Sin" To create the (2001) very – the Film contains some very hot sex scenes Antonios with screen Beauty Angelina Jolie. Antonio the state of the art zeal tirades searches but nothing reacted as irritated on Mels movie kiss with Patrick Swayze in "Forever Lulu". In June 2014, after 18 years of marriage, announced the Couple that gets a divorce. The Reason: Irreconcilable Differences.

In "Tie me up!", the erotic-exotic Pop Art of the Enfant terrible Pedro Almodóvar, was Antonio to the skin price: As a Fan, and captor of a porn star, he received international recognition, as well as with the love confusion "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown". As a sex symbol Antonio Banderas is not, however,: "If I go out on the street, I see thousands of men that are bigger and more beautiful ." With the intense gaze of the dark eyes, and full of emotions but with the mind, embodies the Ex-Model, however, the full-blood Spaniards with sex appeal.

Antonio would like to get back on the boards that mean the world. In July 2008, the actor announced that he would like to return to Broadway. In 2003, the Spaniard was already in "Nine" to see. The role had him to the theatre at the time, the Oscar "Tony" brought. In 2012, he was then in the piece "Zorba" to see.

Antonio Banderas has had in the course of his life so some of the men in the Arm, with many of the actor making out already. However, only in the movie. The first decade of Banderas’ film career sexual characters was gay, so he played, for example, "The law of desire" in 1986, a Gay. The kiss scenes with men brought him into the headlines of Spanish Newspapers. As a result, he was able to increase its brand awareness, as well as his role offers. In 1993, he starred in the Drama "Philadelphia", on the side of Tom Hanks, once again, a Homosexual.

I wanted to educate someone to continue: In August 2015 the actor for a fashion design course enrolled at Central Saint Martins in London .

Biography of Antonio Banderas

Who wouldn’t swing with Antonio Banderas on the dance floor? In "Dance!" (2006) can a whole school class. But the narrow-minded society dances are really the last thing the New Yorker is a problem kids. Incentive enough for dance teachers Banderas to win the Kids and his passion – that’s why it’s in the Milieu-Drama "Dance!". Antonio was for the Part of the dedicated educators immediately fire and flame: "The role of Pierre Dulaine is fundamentally different from my previous roles." He would like to eventually not until the end of his life, the Latin Lover mimes.

The most beautiful Moment in the life of Antonio Banderas

In this role, he is posted in Hollywood most of the time. With Director Almodóvar he was at the top of the young Spanish cinema. At the first meeting with the Director of Banderas remembers well: "I was sitting with some friends in Madrid in a street cafe near the national theatre, where I worked at the time. A guy with a red letter bag, came up to me. He was funny, witty, quick in his reactions. Suddenly, he stood up, looked at me and said ‘You have a very romantic face. You should make movies’."

Heidi Klum vs. Antonio Banderas

Hollywood Star gossip about the Klum-Kaulitz-kisses

Said and done! International Antonio Banderas for his roles as Carmen Maura’s nephew in "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" and as the abductor of Victoria Abrils in "Tie me up" known. The Adventure Film "The mask of Zorro" was just over $ 200 million world-wide grossing his biggest success to date – before "Spy Kids". No wonder, then, that both stories were continued. In The Horror Epic "Interview with a vampire" he showed alongside Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Christian Slater as a dark, elegant Lord of the blood sucker class. In The Action-Packed Strip "Assassins" he left it at the side of Sylvester Stallone rip.

For the Andrew-Lloyd-Webber Fan, it was a particularly uplifting Moment, when he was in "Evita" along with Madonna Songs of the master could interpret: "The moment when I ‘Evita’ was offered, was one of the most beautiful in my life", confessed to Antonio. The Horror-Thriller "The skin I live in" 2011 was the return of Banderas to Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish Director, who had brought him in young years out. Since 1990, they had not worked together. In between, he lent a sweet kitty in his voice – in the "Shrek"-Films, he speaks the "puss in boots" with the cute Spanish accent. The American-Chilean disaster movie "69 Days Of Hope", in the Antonio plays the main role, was also in February 2016 in the cinemas.

Childhood, youth and the path to happiness

Actually, the son of a policeman and a teacher from Málaga, wanted to be a professional footballer. When he broke but with 14 years, the leg, he got a visit from "Hair" Lust on the acting. After his time at the school of dramatic arts, he began studying at the Spanish national theatre in Madrid, in the course of which he stood in plays by Brecht, Marlowe and Shakespeare on the stage .

The secret behind the name "Banderas"

Why José Antonio Domínguez Bandera and then suddenly, Antonio Banderas called? He had this flash of inspiration for his first feature film "Labyrinth of passions" (1981) directed by Pedro Almodóvar: His last name Bandera ("Flag") to a hung, he-s to recognize in addition to the Spanish national flag also Catalonia, the Basque country and its origin in the province of Andalusia .

The many talents of the actor

But Antonio Banderas is not only acting, he can also lead Director: Already in 1999, he directed his first Film, along with his then-wife Melanie Griffith. The work was "Crazy in Alabama". His second work, "Summer rain", is a story about Growing up in the seventies. The Film was even seen 2007 in Berlin. And musically, Antonio Banderas, too: He sang very successfully in all of the passages in the movie "Evita" self. Although he said in an Interview that he was not a professional singer, and never will. Well, because he is as an actor even better.

Antonio Banderas and women

In the first marriage of the Spaniards had been married for eight years, Ana Leza. Still in the year of his divorce, he fell in love head over heels with the actress Melanie Griffith. They got their daughter Stella (*1996) and were the Hollywood dream couple par excellence. However, after 18 common years of marriage, the love waned, in the summer of 2014, Melanie Griffith filed because of the famous irreconcilable differences divorce. However, a hot man like Banderas, of course, not Single for long. He met the Dutch Banker Nicole Kimpel and love and did not hesitate long. Only a short time later he bought with his new girlfriend for 3.3 million dollars, a house in the English Cobham. Also wedding number three was not excluded insiders to follow . "Although he will have to pay Melanie a month to 65,000 US dollars on maintenance, doesn’t stop him before marriage ", so the secret source, "he is crazy about Nicole. With her he feels like a little Boy. He has even slimmed down a few pounds and is in better shape than ever before." Who knows, maybe it’s really true, and Antonio Banderas makes Nicole Kimpel to his wife – maybe even until death do you part .

Now he thinks his life again

But death was close. In 2017, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack and says today, he will owe his life to his girlfriend Nicole. As Banderas is pain felt in the chest, while he was in the process of sports, was his girlfriend of mind. "The night before, as it happened, had my girlfriend a headache, and we had nothing in the house. So she went out to buy something, pain pills or something. You bought Aspirin, which was the Only thing that has found you and you found the one with the strongest dosage. [. ] The next Morning, when I started to feel the symptoms and clearly knew what was going on, they put me on a Aspirin on the tongue and saved my life", told Antonio Banderas, two years after the infarction, in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"-Show.

Since Banderas has survived the severe heart attack, he thinks his life again. "As I had survived the heart attack, opened my eyes to the important things. I focused on my daughter, my friends, the work I love. Everything else had become unimportant: What is the car that I wanted to buy just didn’t give me ?". And one of his new heart projects a theatre in his native Málaga. The actor dreamed of becoming, to promote young talents on stage and to watch their ongoing development. He had not considered this, however, is how much money, time and energy, a private Theater would cost, and he already as a precaution for his Fans: "You have no idea how expensive it is to bring an old Theater in the shot. If you should see me in the next few years, only in stupid movies, then it’s the fact that I need the fees in order to Finance the theatre ". Sense of Humor he has, therefore, also, this Antonio Banderas.

Movies with Antonio Banderas

  • 1988: women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  • 1994: Interview with a vampire
  • 1995: Desperado
  • 1996: Evita
  • 1998: The mask of Zorro
  • 2001: Original Sin
  • 2005: The legend of Zorro
  • 2006: Dance!
  • 2011: The skin I live in
  • 2015: 69 Days Hope
  • 2017: Security
  • 2017: Black Butterfly – The killer in me
  • 2019: suffering and glory
  • 2019: The Money Laundering
  • 2020: The fantastic voyage of Dr. Dolittle

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