Asia Argento

A lot of Asia to know Argento as one of the Main protagonists of the #MeToo movement. However, you can now look back on a great artistic career .

Asia Argento

  • Born 20. September 1975 , Rome/Italy
  • First Name Asia Aria Maria Vittoria Rossa
  • Name Argento
  • Forty four
  • Size 1.68 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Anthony Bourdain (an affair, 2017 – 2018) ; Michele Civetta (married, 2008 – 2013) ; Marco Castoldi (relationship, 2000 – 2006)
  • Children Of Anna Lou (*2001) ; Nicola Giovanni (*2008)

Not everyone knows that

As Argento’s acting career began, also began to Silvio Berlusconi’s political career. He dictated to the television, thus, their roles are also influenced strongly .

Asia Argento had her directorial Debut with 1994 at just 19 years of age, with several Short – and documentary films.

As a lead, in 1999, started in feature films directing to you was considered as the youngest Director in Italy.

Her daughter played with 13 years ago in Argento’s Film "Misunderstood" a role. However, the actress did not want to be.

Biography of Asia Argento

As one of the Main protagonists of the #MeToo movement Asia remained Argento, probably the most in the memory. But this image was crumbling fast, as you in turn, sexual assault has been accused of, and to the scandal was. The least familiar with Asia Argento as an icon of the Underground. From the shy child to the Extreme. The Rome-born Argento is the daughter of legendary horror producer Dario Argento. Basically, the family is influenced to a large extent in music: The mother of the actress, the grandfather of the film producer, the great-grandfather, a composer and music critic. So it was to watch almost predict that Asia would also have to do with these arts. At the age of nine she stood then for the first Time in front of the camera. It was clear the child with a dazzling show plays. Argento says she was a shy child, never had many friends. But Argento continues in its self-reflection, so she said in an Interview "previously, I was a bad, egomanisches child". Due to her shyness, she was always on extreme roles.

Asia Argento, the multi-talent

Asia Argento never really wanted to become an actress, actually, she wanted to be a writer. The published many short stories, 1999 Novel "I Love You, Kirk", the has been translated into several languages .

This appearance reveals about the pregnancy?

The acting helped you to overcome your shyness. You played extreme roles, shortly before her 18th birthday. Years of age even in the productions of her father, and on the Set she was the Star. She has played now in about 60 movies, mostly in films that are characterized by brutality. But these chasms seem to be your thing. Rather than the glitzy Hollywood, where they ventured in and again. In 2004, she led Director in "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things" and her Italian temper had completely free rein.

In addition to Writing, acting and directing, Argento was also in the music scene, mainly in electronic music. 2008 they sang together "Placebo"-Lead singer Brian Molko, the classic "Je t’aime … moi non plus".

A crumbling facade

In the Wake of the #MeToo-Movement, the 2017 was launched, it was Argento is one of the main actors. Several actors reported to be inside by male colleagues from the industry been sexually harassed. Most of these allegations met the Director Harvey Weinstein. Also, Argento is said to be one of his victims had been. In the case of the International film festival in Cannes In 1997, he should have the then 21-Year-old in a hotel room and sexually assaulted .

A year later, Asia Argento himself was suspected of a colleague being harassed . The New York Times reported that it had urged the then still minors, Jimmy Bennett sexually. The newspaper is citing sources that were leaked to the sheet, and by several reviewers as being authentic been found. Argento himself defended himself against the abuse allegations, but admitted to have sexual contact with him had .

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