Baby powder The 5 best beauty tricks

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5 beauty Tricks: that’s Why baby powder belongs in your Beauty Cabinet

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  • 05.05.2020

Baby powder is not just for the Baby-Po. The powder should be in every beauty case, because it is a real all-rounder. Here are 5 great baby powder-applications for the beauty

Baby powder is a true Beauty multi-talent.

Baby powder is a true Beauty multi-talent.

Baby powder has long been in any Beauty Bag, and not only in the dresser. Because the powder from the drugstore is a real multi-talent in beauty applications: It can replace some of the cosmetics products with ease, is surprisingly inexpensive and smells wonderful. Here are the best baby powder Tricks:

With baby powder eyelash and eyebrow filling

Who does not want voluminous lashes are trendy and have bushy eyebrows? However, not every one of us is blessed with full lashes and lush Eyebrows. Since baby can help powder. And it goes like this: After the first Mascara with a brush a little baby powder on the lashes and then another coat of Mascara, apply the eyelashes are thicker and fuller. The Same applies for the eyebrows: just prior to the Tightening of the Brows with baby powder "fill".

The Model is wearing now a Long Bob

Baby powder for the Bad Hair Day

When it comes to the hair, helps with baby powder twice. Because on the one hand, it can be quite easy for Mega-volume, by rubbing into the hands and then sparingly to damp hair is distributed. On the other hand, the powder also helps against a greasy approach, if not a dry shampoo is in the house. The powder in your hair approach to distribute. The sebum is absorbed and the hair no longer looks greasy and shiny. Also here: economical!

Here, there are still more proposals, which the house shampoo, there are a good dry replacement >>>

With the baby powder Make-up preservation

Just when the summer temperatures up unsightly Shine on the face is not avoid, despite perfect Make-often. A with the powder brush, apply a thin coating of baby powder is not matte, only long lasting, but also makes the Make-up is also particularly durable. The lipstick before a thin tissue over the lips and after the powder, a new layer, apply a color – so he holds extra-long.

Self-made masks, baby powder

Against impure skin baby powder helps. Because the zinc oxide is antiseptic and counteracts inflammation. In addition, either the dry powder, after cleansing the face, apply a or mix it with a little water to make a creamy Paste and a mask to wear. This is especially for all who suffer from oily skin .

Baby powder as a simple After-Shave

It all happens very quickly: After shaving, caused by friction or sweating in unsightly pimples. The zinc oxide from the baby powder provides for rapid healing the inflamed and irritated Spots, razor burn and redness remain. Just after Shaving in a thin layer to the shaved, apply.

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