Corona crisis, These services benefit now

Corona crisis: These services benefit now

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  • 20.03.2020

The Coronavirus from spreading, people should remain, if possible, at home. This means for many Online services, increasing Profit.

In times of Corona Fitness in your own home is booming

In times of Corona Fitness in your own home is booming

Many industries are currently getting issues because of the Coronavirus, in others, the business is booming, especially in the network. Citizens should leave little to the house or apartment, and so there are just numerous deals that benefit from the current Situation .

Entertainment and catering

It starts with Video – and Audio-streaming services. To pass the time or distract yourself, many people on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Apple, Music and co.. A so large data but that Europe is threatening to overload far the networks. To relieve this, such as Netflix, according to a report by the business magazine "Forbes" the bitrates of his Videos for the time being for a period of 30 days down screws. The reduced image quality is to attenuate the volume of data by up to 25 percent. By the way, the use of providers for "Adult entertainment" it is widely used. Thus, Pornhub said that visits to your website alone, at 17. March to 11.6 per cent had increased .

Heidi Klum unveiled

So neurotic Nicole Richie is

At the same time the person does not want to be entertained, but only he must eat and drink. The part of a substantially increased demand for Online Offers, meanwhile, intermittently for supply shortages. The beverage supplier thirst Express had to close, according to a report by the Central German broadcasting company, in the meantime, even his Shop. Currently, you have increased due to high demand, but only the time window for deliveries , "to ensure that we can deliver to all in the current Situation, and provide ", as it says on the side of the dealer .

The situation is similar in the case of food is delivery services. "The high demand times of up to one to two weeks, waiting with the waiting times depend on the delivery area and are not the rule", a spokesman for Rewe said on the request of the "Review", as it is, the MDR further. In the case of the Situation is similar. "Alone the daily registrations are 25 times higher than in 2019. The delivery times due to the high demand, under pressure", Managing Director Karsten Schaal explains .

Also a niche provider benefit

In addition, it is assumed that other sectors of the Corona-crisis benefit. For example, in the network play the lottery, so you don’t need to go to the Kiosk around the corner. So David neidhardt, spokesman of speaks of a strong increase in Users in the last time: "We have registered in the past few days, noticeably more than normal." Little wonder, then, finally, there is currently a jackpot of up to 76 million euros.

Online Fitness programs are also in Trend. The German Influencerin Pamela Reif (23) reported about recently that you with your "The Home Workout Challenge" within two days of the 1.9 million calls recorded. Up to 90,000 people were trained at a time at the same time with your Fitness Videos .

Shopping in times of Corona

In such great demand in all areas of Amazon not afterwards come self. The in-house Blog of the shipping giant, pointed recently to the fact that you recorded a rise in orders, which is why the stocks of the popular products, especially in the household sector, are currently used up . "Round-the-clock" will, however, worked to ensure a supply. Also on the deliveries, which currently could need a little longer, it was pointed out.

"In the case of a further rise in the number of infection cases is [. ] from the structural advantage of the online trade is expected to directly get into the house, sent to, and to avoid contact to other persons in the stationary trade ", a spokeswoman for the shipping service Hermes recently declared at the request of the news Agency spot on news. Currently, you could but "unchanged nationwide, [compile], and there are no significant delays. o. are Similar. before".

Social pages strong demand for

Also, strong non-profit pages, which deal with the Corona-crisis in demand, however. To charge gizmos such as the Corona-footprint, but also very sensible offers as platforms to coordinate neighborhood support .

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