Corona prevention How useful are the hygiene hook disinfection bracelet & Co ?

Aide in the Corona-crisis

How sensible hygiene hook, disinfection bracelet are & Co.?

27. May 2020 – At 14:15

Aldi Süd offers the hygiene of hooks for 99 cents

In the Corona-crisis should respect everyone for what and whom he touches. A small plastic part is supposed to be particularly useful: The hygiene hook. With online stores you can order it for a while now, but from Thursday on, it is also available at the discounters. But how useful is he really? We have tested the small everyday helpers and other hygiene gadgets. The result you see in the Video.

In the Video: Five of the hygiene article in the daily test

The RTL reporter Anna Schneider and Elena Lorscheid have taken in the Video, various hygiene products under the microscope and looked to see how everyday they are friendly and especially helpful really. Tested you have the following products:

  • Hygiene hook
  • Disinfection bracelet
  • Laser Keyboard
  • Hand Free Door Opener
  • Shopping cart handle

Hygiene hook regularly disinfect

Whether the door handles, the key fields differentiate the Bank, or the light switch – we take a day on surfaces that others have touched on already. Hygiene specialist Prof. Dr. Zastrow maintains the hygiene hook is basically a good idea, because currently, everyone should be touched as little as possible items. He, however, warns that the hygiene hook itself can be used to slingshot to the Germ, if they are not disinfected after each use. The same is true for other products.

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