Terms and conditions – General terms and conditions for the use of expert test de

§1 scope of application

1.1. The ever-growing GmbH, windhager straße 9, 84489 Burghausen, registered in the commercial register of the local court of Traunstein under the number HRB 21345, legally represented by the managing Director of Nora-Alice Fink, and Michael Fink, operates under www.rtl.de (“Experts test“or “Operator“) is a digital consumer portal. These General terms and conditions (“terms”) apply to your use of all of the expert testing and the user (“Users“or “Consumer“) provided services, both online and offline (“Use of contract“).

1.2. The main business activity of the company is: operation Of a platform for the comparison of consumption, enjoyment and use of objects.

§2 basis of contract

2.1. Expert testing services cover a wide range and are limited to the services in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2.2. Experts will test is entitled to change these terms and conditions, in compliance with the statutory provisions. Such Changes are considered by the user and approved by, and for current contracts to be effective, if experts are to test the users of the Changes in the form of a text communicates, and the user does not contradict these Changes within four (4) weeks of receipt of the notification. In this sequence, the user will indicate in the notification especially. Changes are always for the future.

2.3. Experts will test is entitled at any time without giving reasons, to modify the functions of www.rtl.de to remove or add new features or to allow the use of functions only under certain conditions .

Section 3 disclosure of data; data protection statement

3.1. Data will be in accordance with the data protection regulations (“Privacy policy“) is collected, processed and used.

3.2. All users must keep their data always up to date and this in case of any Changes without delay to correct for these Changes, experts are testing the telephone or in text form, inform the.

3.3. The current version of the terms and conditions of the current privacy statement may be downloaded on www.rtl.de at any time, and/or printed out to be viewed .

Section 4-availability of the website

4.1. The availability of the Website depends on the technical equipment of the users. To use the site and to be able to experts, test access the appropriate technical resources (e.g. Computer/Tablet/mobile phone, Internet) are required.

4.2. The use agreement also requires experts to test just to keep the Website during the specified periods of Availability for use available. Although this is aimed at, is not expert is obliged to test, to keep the Website available at all times. If experts test is mandatory and the maintenance required, provided the security (in particular: the security of the data) does not require this, or if experts test events is exposed, which experts test itself can not be influenced (e.g., defects, limited availability or failure of telecommunications networks, the data transmission by third parties, the energy supply, as well as natural disasters, test arrangements of Experts caused the Shutdown, and similar events) for experts to test for the partial or complete cessation of availability entitled. Experts will test on the basis of the technical status of the Website and of the Internet at the time of conclusion of the contract of use is provided. If measures are required to ensure the safety and security of the Server (for example, attacks from the Internet), or technical measures are to be displayed, in order to obtain the Standard to experts, test, maintain, or improve, test, access to Experts at any time with due regard to the interests of the users, temporarily restricted, or discontinued. Expert systems secures the test against the unauthorized access of third parties to the best of our Knowledge and belief and according to the conclusion of the contract of the existing state of the art.

Section 5 of the contact options

The user can at any time test contact with Experts-employees record:

Address: ever-growing GmbH, windhager straße 9, 84489 Burghausen
Phone number: 0867740997900
Fax number: 0867740997909
E-Mail: [email protected]

§6 final provisions

6.1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

6.2. Contractual and negotiation language is German.

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