The purpose of the trip USAstronauten dock at ISS

The first manned US rocket flight for years

The goal of the trip: US astronauts dock at ISS

31. May 2020 – At 20:16

Arrival after almost 20 hours flight

You have done it. After about 20 hours of flight, the US space driver Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley arrived at the ISS. The "Crew Dragon"-Space capsule docked at the space station, the US space Agency Nasa and the private space travel company SpaceX said. It was the first Time in nine years that people from the USA are All flown .

The two astronauts crawled to the Dock from their space capsule to the ISS, such as live images, the US space Agency Nasa showed. On Board the ISS to their already stationed colleague, the driver, Christopher Cassidy and two Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner waited .

The first launch attempt had to be aborted

On Saturday, the space capsule had a "Falcon 9"-Rocket from the spaceport Cape Canaveral lifted. SpaceX founder Elon Musk was deeply moved. "I am really emotionally overwhelmed, it is hard for me to talk ", Musk said at a press conference after the launch. For 18 years he had been working toward this goal. "I think it is something that humanity can look forward to, and what you can be proud of ."

A first launch attempt was aborted on Wednesday due to poor weather conditions shortly before the Start, as we show in the Video. Also before the second trial, the conditions had looked at first only moderately, then the clouds had moved in but in time, and the control center gave the green light.

Behnken and Hurley are supposed to stay a month on the ISS

Were last flown in the summer of 2011, the astronaut with the space Shuttle Atlantis to the ISS. After that, the U.S. space Agency, Nasa, motet its Space Shuttle fleet due to cost reasons and had to rely for flights to the ISS since then to Russia. This was with around 80 million Euro per flight in a Russian Soyuz capsule only expensive, but scratched also powerful in the Ego.

The astronauts Behnken and Hurley are now to stay about a month on Board the ISS. The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst was the name of his two astronaut-colleagues, via Twitter "welcome back to the world space" and congratulated SpaceX for the "solid performance".

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